The Only Shoulder Brace Guide You’ll Ever Need

The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in your body and as a result it is often the most injured and/or most prone to injury.

In most case scenarios ice or rest will fix whatever shoulder injury you may have, but in some situations ice and rest just isn’t enough.

When these situations arise (and hopefully they don’t) your best bet is to first always consult a medical professional and secondly to invest in a great shoulder brace / shoulder support brace.

By using one of them, you’ll be able to maintain your daily routine, even with your injured shoulder.

To begin and get you back to normal it’s important to understand how shoulder braces work.

how shoulder braces work

A Good Shoulder Brace vs A Bad Shoulder Brace

A good shoulder brace:

  1. Offers great support
  2. Has adjustable straps
  3. Has a tight and snug fit
  4. Is made from high quality and tough material
  5. Is comfortable. Depending on your injury make sure to look for shoulder braces that have interior padding.
  6. Can be worn comfortably under clothing

A bad shoulder brace:

Pretty simple – If it doesn’t meet the above 6 features of a good shoulder brace then you can be sure it’s a bad one.

4 Things To Know Before Buying A Shoulder Brace

  1. Shoulder braces in themselves do not heal an injured shoulder. Shoulder braces are tools which facilitate and fasten the healing process.
  2. Shoulder braces do not require prescription – however it is recommended that you always seek a medical professional first about any injury.
  3. 9/10 times you are going to want a shoulder brace that is sturdy and firm rather than loose and flexible.
  4. If you have an arm injury you’re more likely better off getting a shoulder sling rather than a shoulder brace.

The Best Shoulder Braces on the Market

EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder Brace

EVS Sроrtѕ SB03 Shоuldеr Brасе

The SB03 shoulder brace from EVS offers adjustable support for people who have managed to damage their shoulder. The main function of the EVS Sports SB03 Shoulder brace is to mend rotator cuff injuries but it is also terrific for any other kind of shoulder injury you may have suffered. i

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One of the most notable features of this shoulder brace is it’s unique design that separates it from competing brands. Most shoulder braces use only one strap for security and pressure adjustment purposes, but with the EVS Sports SB03 you get 3 varying length compression straps.

In addition this shoulder brace is created from vented neoprene component as well as a breathable air mesh construction which allows your shoulder to breathe as well as put it in the right position to heal.

This support brace also uses the latest adjustable arm closure design produced by EVS Sports.

Neoprene material is a type of syntehtic rubber that helps retain heat. Keeping the shoulder warm ir crucial for effective blood flow and healing to the area which makes the SB03 shoulder brace the best of its kind.

Not only will this provide great pain relief, but it will also help your injured shoulder heal much faster.

An increase in blood flow allows for nutrients and essential healing agents to go to the shoulder and get to work.

Therefore, w’hen there is an increase in the blood flow’, the quicker your shoulder heals.



Voelux Shoulder Compression Sleeve Brace

Vоеlux Shоuldеr Cоmрrеѕѕіоn Slееvе Brасе

VOELUX shoulder brace scoops the second position, thanks to its unique design and targeted compression which increases your blood flow to the desired locations. The support offers adequate compression of the muscles thus creating a therapeutic effect on your skin for quick healing of the ligaments, muscles, and joints.

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The sleeve is fully adjustable and can be worn under any shirt. And don’t fear about being immobile, you can work throughout the day with the brace and not be worried at all. The brace works especially well for support after surgery, stroke, subluxation, tendonitis or a sports injury.

The sleeve also works very well in humid climates, maintaining the ideal humidity. And if you ever need to clean it, simply put it in the washing machine on the cold setting (preferably in a laundry bag), and it’ll wash perfectly!

Considering the low price of this shoulder brace . it’s a great deal if you’re on a budget!



Mcdavid 463 Shoulder Support Brace

MсDаvіd 463 Shоuldеr Suрроrt


A pulled shoulder, or any injury to your shoulder, is never a pleasant experience. Not only is it painful, but it’s also debilitating enough to decrease your daily productivity.

But with the the McDavid 463 shoulder support brace, a shoulder injury will be nothing more than a minor setback. This shoulder support is made to protect an injured shoulder properly. It also alleviates pain by applying just the right amount of pressure to inflamed areas within the upper arm and shoulder region.

It’s easy to put on and fits snugly to almost all types of shoulder builds. And, it is latex free.

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The 463 Shoulder Support by McDavid has loop closure straps and an adjustable hook which will not only enhance your performance but help you get back to your regular exercising routine much sooner.

This shoulder support brace has great adjust-ability, and you’ll notice that your shoulders are well supported. McDavid is one of the top brands in the industry, most people love their products, and this shoulder support brace is no exception.



Keys to Fixing Shoulder Pain and Mistakes You Might Be Making

Tips On Returning To Action After A Shoulder Injury

You’ve been wearing that lovely shoulder brace for a while, you’ve done everything you can in terms of physio and exercises to help you recover…

Now the time has come.

You checked in with a professional and you have the green light – you are recovered and ready to get back to routine.

But do you jump right in with the same intensity you had when you left or do you ease into things?

Here are some take away tips on what you should do when returning from a shoulder injury:

  1. Warm up – but don’t just warm of for the sake of it, warm up mindfully and with the intention to butter up your joint and muscles.
  2. Do range of motion exercises.
  3. Start with low intensity to feel things out and work your way up.
  4. Keep the activity time short – don’t get back into 2-3 hour workouts. Keep it lite and sweet.

Additionally, be sure to consistently strengthen your range of motion.

Here is a great video on range of motion exercises.

Be sure to use ice and heat treatment after exercise.

Use ice:

  • If the injury is less than 6 weeks old.
  • ice should be applied after exercise
  • cover ice with towel to protect the skin
  • Makes for a great anti-inflammatory

Use heat:

  • If the injury is more than 6 weeks old.
  • heat can be applied before and after
  • Heat for 15-20mins

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